3ina – Brand Review


3ina – because your attitude is your best asset

3ina (said ‘mina’ but i enjoy annoying people by calling it three-na) Looking for decent priced cosmetics of a good quality is pretty hard in Australia due to both the low Aussie dollar compared to both the euro and american dollar, and having to pay some form of high shipping cost and/or import tax for products that are generally seen as affordable in other countries. All this means that finding a good brand is like winning the lottery.

3ina’s been in Melbourne for a couple of years now, with the most central store being at Melbourne Central, just a few stores down from Sephora. They are a single brand dedicated store, and offer a decent range of cosmetics at reasonable prices that are manufactured in Europe.


the lipstick (shade: 104) AU$9.95


I really wish this lipstick lived up to my expectations. Finding a decent black lipstick is always tricky, and usually ends with me trying to balance eyeliner and lip balm before giving in as my lips become dryer than a desert while simultaneously smearing across my face. So seeing that 3ina carried a black shade in their range really excited me, until I actually wore it.

Don’t get me wrong; the lipstick itself is lovely. It’s creamy and hydrating and has a nice shine to it after application, and in any colour other than black it looks great. But the black really falls before the first hurdle; it takes several layers to build up a solid colour, and even then ends up patchy and slightly transparent, giving it a warm undertone. Housemate noted that it actually looked like a deep green on me rather than a good solid black.

It also really needs a liner (or use of the current blur application trend) because the bleed is super obvious and left me looking like a hot mess within seconds; i feel that a black lippy really needs a sharp application to give you the proper HBIC vibes you want.




the shiny lipstick (shade: 206) AU$14.95


I love this lipstick. I really truly do. It’s become my go to natural/nude lipstick, for days when I need a hint of colour to balance out my makeup without overdoing it; It’s not at all drying, semi sheer, and the colour is just a few shades darker than my natural lip colour, making my lips look almost kiss bruised.

Despite being called ‘the shiny lipstick’ its more of a lip balm shine than a lip gloss shine, and not at all transfer proof, but it’s less noticeable transfer than some of the more pigmented shades and lipstick styles they had. At just under $15 a tube, I like it so much better than my similar Dior lipstick that cost four times the price.


the chubby lipstick (shade: 102)



3ina’s chubby lipstick is so freaking different to any other chubby sticks offered by other cosmetic brands; It’s matte, highly pigmented, and doesn’t need a liner to stop bleed. the selection of colours is more limited than the brand’s other lip ranges, but has a decent selection of reds, pinks, and nudes to choose from. I’ve fallen in love with shade 102- it’s a beautiful dusty rose that makes me feel like a bad ass 1940’s lady.

It goes on super easy – the crayon shape means you can use the point to get a nice sharp line, and the sides to fill in the lip (doing this helps keep the point nice and sharp). the crayon is twist up, meaning you won’t waste product on sharpening and has a decent consistency- not sticky, but also not drying.

10/10 would buy again.


the pen eyeliner AU$12.95


This eyeliner is a problematic fav. I say this, because before i left the house, I was in love; when I returned home, i never wanted to wear it out again.

The liner itself is quick drying, and the product colour depth is pretty decent. The tip isn’t flexible enough for someone like me who is used to gel liner application- it hindered my ability to get a nicely shaped wing, but I assume that a bit of practice would have me applying like a pro.

so far, so good; and then I left the house. THIS LINER IS SO FAR FROM WATERPROOF IT ISN’T FUNNY.

windchill tears fucked up my wings. Any moisture whatsoever fucked my eyes right up. Every time I saw my reflection, eyeliner was smeared everywhere; I had a serious winter-soldier-raccoon-look going on after only a couple of hours of wear. Like seriously; it was even across my nose and brow bones by the time i had a chance to take it off. 

Look; I know that this was not marketed as a waterproof product. I wasnt expecting it to stand up to intense water exposure. but you can seriously get rid of this stuff with the swipe of your hand and that is not what you want in an eyeliner; I like my everyday eyeliner to take more than water but less than remover to take off.

That said, this product could be great for detail liner work, photo shoots, or a night out where you aren’t planning on getting sweaty or wet. At all.



3ina has some really great products with potential. while it may not be the jewel in the crown, the brand provides some really great basics and everyday products to add to your makeup routine. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for higher quality makeup than you can find at a drugstore, without having to dish out Sephora prices.

If anything, you should really check out their chubby lipstick!




Lush ‘The Greeench’ Deodorant

I’ve been wearing Lush‘s powder deodorant the Greeench for about a month now and find that for the most part I’m not at all missing my usual aerosol deodorant.  I always try to go for the most neutral scents that I can in terms of antiperspirants, previously using the same baby powder scented aerosol for the past 5 years, so using this product has taken a bit of getting used to in terms of how it’s changed my base scent.


The Greeench is a very gender friendly scent- it’s extremely fresh and lives up to its name, smelling kind of like a mix between a forest in spring and a car air freshener (which sounds kind of horrible in theory but I actually like the scent). It’s a mix of tea tree and sage with hints of thyme and rosemary, and makes you feel like you’ve been playing in a garden and rubbing against the plants.

That said, it did take me a few days to get used to the scent, considering it is a decent strength and I’m more used to subtle and unobtrusive ones. It’s been worth the switch, but was decidedly distracting for more than a few days.

The powder lasts a good couple of hours- I did find that I had to reapply once or twice on days of high activity/heat to deal with sweat washing away the product, but otherwise thought it protected my pits for a decent length of time for a natural based deodorant product.

Like any body powder, it can leave a trace both on skin and material, so it’s best to apply pre dressing for the day, but rubbing between skin and garment doesn’t transfer as much product as you’d think. Maybe just avoid dark-colored tanks when using (not that I really take this advice myself). You may also notice a slight underarm discolouration at the end of the day as the powder absorbs your sweat.

Once applied I found that there was no noticeable powdery feel or residue other than a nice smoothness, and it didn’t dry or irritate the sensitive skin of my under arms during normal daily wear.

(Note: I don’t know if it’s the fault of me, my body, the product, another product I used but holy hell my pots are in pain right now. Basically some form of buildup formed then became very irritated until I scratched it off- it looked like a lot of dead skin and left my underarms feeling raw and sensitive. 18 hours later and it still in pain. I don’t know what caused it, but either I reacted badly to shaving cream, or the powder reacted badly to regular aerosol deodorant that I had to use due to unexpected sweat when I didn’t have the bottle on hand. I’m not stopping use as it’s the first adverse reaction I’ve had since I began using it, but if you decide to give the product a go, I suggest keeping an eye out for similar circumstances because oh god my pits hurt like a mofo.

Edit: I spoke to a staff member at Lush about this and she noted that it was likely shaving that caused the irritation, and that you shouldn’t apply their deodorants straight after shaving as it can lead to irritation and sometimes a little stinging sensation)

The only other effect of note is that when the Greeench starts to wear off/reached its absorption capacity, it leaves a little bit of an odd smell- not the same as my natural body odor and not necessarily offensive, but definitely not as nullifying as other antiperspirants available in mainstream supermarkets and chemists.

I want to try the deodorant bars Lush has on offer next, Aromaco (a lovely moisturising patchouli scented bar) and T’eo (a fresh burst of citrus to the senses) but not their other available deodorant powder The Guv’ner– the scent isn’t at all appealing to me, it’s  both too strong for my delicate senses and very much too masculine for my personal tastes.

TLDR; the Greeench is a pretty decent offering from Lush as an alternative to mainstream deodorants if you don’t mind the occaisional powder mark on your clothing.


Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

It’s always great when there happens to be a sale on cosmetics when I can actually afford them! I was super happy that Priceline‘s 2 day 40% off cosmetics sale was happening around the time I’d found out that they stocked a decent selection of Nyx Cosmetics- and at reasonable prices pre-sale too.

As any Aussie makeup hoarder/addict/obssessee is aware, it’s always a real challenge to find decent quality makeup at a lower price in Australia- most of the time it’s either so cheap it’s next to junk, or it’s too expensive to justify any kind of regular purchases. Stores like Sephora and Mecca Maxima are making brands like Urban Decay and Kat von D more accessible to Australian buyers, but with the surcharges added by the stores to make up for shipping and taxes, it’s easy for costs to spiral out of control.

The main spending splurge for me ended up being on three sets of Nyx’s Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks (pre sale:AU$24/sale price:AU$14.40 per pack or single price:AU$8.97/AU$14.95) each pack contained three full sized products and there were three different sets to choose from;

20170329_095347.jpgSet 1

20170329_095837.jpgSet 2

20170329_100344-e1490773332232.jpgSet 3

  • The lip creams all have a decent colour payoff- the only exception being oh, put it on, which needed a second coat to get a really solid deep purple, but looked good with a single coat (if a bit more patchy).
  • Application is super easy with the doe foot applicator, and the product is a good consistency without being super sticky
  • The product dries reasonably fast, but not completely. it also isn’t transfer proof, but is pretty long lasting despite that, even through light food and drink.
  • I did notice on a few occasions that some crumbly bits developed through the day, but didn’t seem to affect overall lip cover (a happy side effect of the product not fully drying i suppose) .
  • I’d recommend moisturizing your lips pre-application, as when they’re a bit dry, it can lead to some pretty bad butthole lip :/

Overall the Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick is a pretty decent product, especially for it’s price. I really want to test it against similar products from other brands in the future to see how it holds up, but honestly unless Colorpop comes to Australia, I’m not sure we’ll find another matte liquid lipstick that is both decent quality and at ‘drugstore’ prices.

Personal Favourites: Soft-Spoken for an everyday nude, Sway for something a little bit funky 🙂


Lush Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask

After a ton of recommendations from friends and just a whole heap of general curiosity, I decided to give Lush’s masks a try. The store didn’t have many in stock when i went in, so I’ll have to slowly test my way through them as I can.

I discussed my skin issues with a staff member before deciding on my mask- I’m someone who suffers from the occasional breakout (especially around my period) and looking for a mask to help my oil control without drying out my skin too harshly or setting off any of my skin allergies. She ended up recommending the Cosmetic Warrior mask as one to try. It’s AU$13.95 per 65g and, according to staff at Lush, you should be able to get 5 applications from one tub. The Cosmetic Warrior mask is one of Lush’s Fresh Face masks, meaning that it needs to be stored in a refrigerator and used within around 3 weeks of being made.


The mask is a Kaolin clay based mask, which is great for reducing oiliness of skin, and also encourages blood circulation, with green grape as a light exfoliant and tea tree and fresh garlic working as cleansing agents. There is also egg added to tighten the skin and honey to soften and moisturize, leaving skin feeling smooth and fresh.

It definitely feels effective when applied- spreading it across your face leaves the skin feeling cool, and as it dries, you can really feel the egg working to tighten everything up. It’s really easy to rinse off when you’re done- something that I’ve struggled to do with other masks in the past. Leaving a shower with half a face mask still refusing to wash off can get really frustrating when you just wanted a relaxing evening at home.

There is really only one downside to the mask that I’ve found; IT SMELLS LIKE A WET DOG. like it literally smells like I’ve pressed my face into the fur of a wet dog and left it there to sit. Something about the combination of garlic, tea tree and honey just leaves this otherwise lovely mask smelling so disgustingly unpleasant. You can definitely get through it, but the entire time it was on my face i kept wondering if it was supposed to smell that way or if my particular mask had gone off.


Spoiler; it’s meant to smell that way.

Luckily the scent is mostly bearable and doesn’t linger post rinsing it off, and according to other users, you end up growing used to it the more you use the face mask. So hopefully I can get past the smell enough to see the benefits of multiple uses.


Have you also tried the Cosmetic Warrior Mask? Are there any other Lush Fresh Face Masks you’d recommend?

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel Dupe

I’m unfortunately a sufferer of both sensitive /and/ oily skin- which means that most products for sensitive skin leave my face feeling like it has a layer of grease on it, and products for oily skin tend to irritate my skin to no end. A couple of years ago, I found a great solution in Clinique’s Dramatically different Moisturizing gel- which applies like a lotion and is quickly absorbed, leaving soft skin with no lasting residue. It’s also, thankfully, scentless.


The only problem with the product is that it’s AU$50 per 125ml – which on a budget can be really hard to justify. I found a few suggestions for replacements online, but either they were not readily available from Australian stockists, or they ended up feeling too greasy or had too strong a scent for me- I like my moisturiser to feel like i’m not wearing anything.

I think, though, that I’ve found a decent replacement for it in Neutrogena’s Oil Free Moisture for Combination Skin (AU$11.70 per 118ml from Chemists Warehouse, also comes in Sensitive Skin). There are differences between the product of course, but the end result is similar enough that it definitely worth trying it for the almost 80% drop in price.


-The cream feels more liquid than the gel, which actually make it easier to apply evenly across your face, and feels like you use less product per application.
-The Neutrogena product also takes longer for the skin to absorb, but when it does, your skin feels very much the same as when having applied the Clinique gel.
-While it claims to be Fragrance Free, there is a slight smell to the cream while applying, but it disappears after it’s absorbed. It is not at all floral or heady, but rather smells almost like DermaVeen or Cetaphil body lotion. Again; IT DISAPPEARS WHEN ABSORBED
– Oil Free, Hypo-allergenic, Fragrance free, non-Comedogenic (non pore clogging)

I’ve been using the Oil Free Moisture for around a month now, and have had no problems with my skin from it- so pretty happy to keep using it as a Clinique replacement. I think I’ll eventually end up switching between the two every few months to break up the useage cycle.


Let me know if you’ve found another decent dupe for the Clinique Dramatically Different Gel, or if you’ve also tried the Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture!