Lush Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask

After a ton of recommendations from friends and just a whole heap of general curiosity, I decided to give Lush’s masks a try. The store didn’t have many in stock when i went in, so I’ll have to slowly test my way through them as I can.

I discussed my skin issues with a staff member before deciding on my mask- I’m someone who suffers from the occasional breakout (especially around my period) and looking for a mask to help my oil control without drying out my skin too harshly or setting off any of my skin allergies. She ended up recommending the Cosmetic Warrior mask as one to try. It’s AU$13.95 per 65g and, according to staff at Lush, you should be able to get 5 applications from one tub. The Cosmetic Warrior mask is one of Lush’s Fresh Face masks, meaning that it needs to be stored in a refrigerator and used within around 3 weeks of being made.


The mask is a Kaolin clay based mask, which is great for reducing oiliness of skin, and also encourages blood circulation, with green grape as a light exfoliant and tea tree and fresh garlic working as cleansing agents. There is also egg added to tighten the skin and honey to soften and moisturize, leaving skin feeling smooth and fresh.

It definitely feels effective when applied- spreading it across your face leaves the skin feeling cool, and as it dries, you can really feel the egg working to tighten everything up. It’s really easy to rinse off when you’re done- something that I’ve struggled to do with other masks in the past. Leaving a shower with half a face mask still refusing to wash off can get really frustrating when you just wanted a relaxing evening at home.

There is really only one downside to the mask that I’ve found; IT SMELLS LIKE A WET DOG. like it literally smells like I’ve pressed my face into the fur of a wet dog and left it there to sit. Something about the combination of garlic, tea tree and honey just leaves this otherwise lovely mask smelling so disgustingly unpleasant. You can definitely get through it, but the entire time it was on my face i kept wondering if it was supposed to smell that way or if my particular mask had gone off.


Spoiler; it’s meant to smell that way.

Luckily the scent is mostly bearable and doesn’t linger post rinsing it off, and according to other users, you end up growing used to it the more you use the face mask. So hopefully I can get past the smell enough to see the benefits of multiple uses.


Have you also tried the Cosmetic Warrior Mask? Are there any other Lush Fresh Face Masks you’d recommend?