3ina – Brand Review


3ina – because your attitude is your best asset

3ina (said ‘mina’ but i enjoy annoying people by calling it three-na) Looking for decent priced cosmetics of a good quality is pretty hard in Australia due to both the low Aussie dollar compared to both the euro and american dollar, and having to pay some form of high shipping cost and/or import tax for products that are generally seen as affordable in other countries. All this means that finding a good brand is like winning the lottery.

3ina’s been in Melbourne for a couple of years now, with the most central store being at Melbourne Central, just a few stores down from Sephora. They are a single brand dedicated store, and offer a decent range of cosmetics at reasonable prices that are manufactured in Europe.


the lipstick (shade: 104) AU$9.95


I really wish this lipstick lived up to my expectations. Finding a decent black lipstick is always tricky, and usually ends with me trying to balance eyeliner and lip balm before giving in as my lips become dryer than a desert while simultaneously smearing across my face. So seeing that 3ina carried a black shade in their range really excited me, until I actually wore it.

Don’t get me wrong; the lipstick itself is lovely. It’s creamy and hydrating and has a nice shine to it after application, and in any colour other than black it looks great. But the black really falls before the first hurdle; it takes several layers to build up a solid colour, and even then ends up patchy and slightly transparent, giving it a warm undertone. Housemate noted that it actually looked like a deep green on me rather than a good solid black.

It also really needs a liner (or use of the current blur application trend) because the bleed is super obvious and left me looking like a hot mess within seconds; i feel that a black lippy really needs a sharp application to give you the proper HBIC vibes you want.




the shiny lipstick (shade: 206) AU$14.95


I love this lipstick. I really truly do. It’s become my go to natural/nude lipstick, for days when I need a hint of colour to balance out my makeup without overdoing it; It’s not at all drying, semi sheer, and the colour is just a few shades darker than my natural lip colour, making my lips look almost kiss bruised.

Despite being called ‘the shiny lipstick’ its more of a lip balm shine than a lip gloss shine, and not at all transfer proof, but it’s less noticeable transfer than some of the more pigmented shades and lipstick styles they had. At just under $15 a tube, I like it so much better than my similar Dior lipstick that cost four times the price.


the chubby lipstick (shade: 102)



3ina’s chubby lipstick is so freaking different to any other chubby sticks offered by other cosmetic brands; It’s matte, highly pigmented, and doesn’t need a liner to stop bleed. the selection of colours is more limited than the brand’s other lip ranges, but has a decent selection of reds, pinks, and nudes to choose from. I’ve fallen in love with shade 102- it’s a beautiful dusty rose that makes me feel like a bad ass 1940’s lady.

It goes on super easy – the crayon shape means you can use the point to get a nice sharp line, and the sides to fill in the lip (doing this helps keep the point nice and sharp). the crayon is twist up, meaning you won’t waste product on sharpening and has a decent consistency- not sticky, but also not drying.

10/10 would buy again.


the pen eyeliner AU$12.95


This eyeliner is a problematic fav. I say this, because before i left the house, I was in love; when I returned home, i never wanted to wear it out again.

The liner itself is quick drying, and the product colour depth is pretty decent. The tip isn’t flexible enough for someone like me who is used to gel liner application- it hindered my ability to get a nicely shaped wing, but I assume that a bit of practice would have me applying like a pro.

so far, so good; and then I left the house. THIS LINER IS SO FAR FROM WATERPROOF IT ISN’T FUNNY.

windchill tears fucked up my wings. Any moisture whatsoever fucked my eyes right up. Every time I saw my reflection, eyeliner was smeared everywhere; I had a serious winter-soldier-raccoon-look going on after only a couple of hours of wear. Like seriously; it was even across my nose and brow bones by the time i had a chance to take it off. 

Look; I know that this was not marketed as a waterproof product. I wasnt expecting it to stand up to intense water exposure. but you can seriously get rid of this stuff with the swipe of your hand and that is not what you want in an eyeliner; I like my everyday eyeliner to take more than water but less than remover to take off.

That said, this product could be great for detail liner work, photo shoots, or a night out where you aren’t planning on getting sweaty or wet. At all.



3ina has some really great products with potential. while it may not be the jewel in the crown, the brand provides some really great basics and everyday products to add to your makeup routine. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for higher quality makeup than you can find at a drugstore, without having to dish out Sephora prices.

If anything, you should really check out their chubby lipstick!