Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel Dupe

I’m unfortunately a sufferer of both sensitive /and/ oily skin- which means that most products for sensitive skin leave my face feeling like it has a layer of grease on it, and products for oily skin tend to irritate my skin to no end. A couple of years ago, I found a great solution in Clinique’s Dramatically different Moisturizing gel- which applies like a lotion and is quickly absorbed, leaving soft skin with no lasting residue. It’s also, thankfully, scentless.


The only problem with the product is that it’s AU$50 per 125ml – which on a budget can be really hard to justify. I found a few suggestions for replacements online, but either they were not readily available from Australian stockists, or they ended up feeling too greasy or had too strong a scent for me- I like my moisturiser to feel like i’m not wearing anything.

I think, though, that I’ve found a decent replacement for it in Neutrogena’s Oil Free Moisture for Combination Skin (AU$11.70 per 118ml from Chemists Warehouse, also comes in Sensitive Skin). There are differences between the product of course, but the end result is similar enough that it definitely worth trying it for the almost 80% drop in price.


-The cream feels more liquid than the gel, which actually make it easier to apply evenly across your face, and feels like you use less product per application.
-The Neutrogena product also takes longer for the skin to absorb, but when it does, your skin feels very much the same as when having applied the Clinique gel.
-While it claims to be Fragrance Free, there is a slight smell to the cream while applying, but it disappears after it’s absorbed. It is not at all floral or heady, but rather smells almost like DermaVeen or Cetaphil body lotion. Again; IT DISAPPEARS WHEN ABSORBED
– Oil Free, Hypo-allergenic, Fragrance free, non-Comedogenic (non pore clogging)

I’ve been using the Oil Free Moisture for around a month now, and have had no problems with my skin from it- so pretty happy to keep using it as a Clinique replacement. I think I’ll eventually end up switching between the two every few months to break up the useage cycle.


Let me know if you’ve found another decent dupe for the Clinique Dramatically Different Gel, or if you’ve also tried the Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture!