Lush ‘The Greeench’ Deodorant

I’ve been wearing Lush‘s powder deodorant the Greeench for about a month now and find that for the most part I’m not at all missing my usual aerosol deodorant.  I always try to go for the most neutral scents that I can in terms of antiperspirants, previously using the same baby powder scented aerosol for the past 5 years, so using this product has taken a bit of getting used to in terms of how it’s changed my base scent.


The Greeench is a very gender friendly scent- it’s extremely fresh and lives up to its name, smelling kind of like a mix between a forest in spring and a car air freshener (which sounds kind of horrible in theory but I actually like the scent). It’s a mix of tea tree and sage with hints of thyme and rosemary, and makes you feel like you’ve been playing in a garden and rubbing against the plants.

That said, it did take me a few days to get used to the scent, considering it is a decent strength and I’m more used to subtle and unobtrusive ones. It’s been worth the switch, but was decidedly distracting for more than a few days.

The powder lasts a good couple of hours- I did find that I had to reapply once or twice on days of high activity/heat to deal with sweat washing away the product, but otherwise thought it protected my pits for a decent length of time for a natural based deodorant product.

Like any body powder, it can leave a trace both on skin and material, so it’s best to apply pre dressing for the day, but rubbing between skin and garment doesn’t transfer as much product as you’d think. Maybe just avoid dark-colored tanks when using (not that I really take this advice myself). You may also notice a slight underarm discolouration at the end of the day as the powder absorbs your sweat.

Once applied I found that there was no noticeable powdery feel or residue other than a nice smoothness, and it didn’t dry or irritate the sensitive skin of my under arms during normal daily wear.

(Note: I don’t know if it’s the fault of me, my body, the product, another product I used but holy hell my pots are in pain right now. Basically some form of buildup formed then became very irritated until I scratched it off- it looked like a lot of dead skin and left my underarms feeling raw and sensitive. 18 hours later and it still in pain. I don’t know what caused it, but either I reacted badly to shaving cream, or the powder reacted badly to regular aerosol deodorant that I had to use due to unexpected sweat when I didn’t have the bottle on hand. I’m not stopping use as it’s the first adverse reaction I’ve had since I began using it, but if you decide to give the product a go, I suggest keeping an eye out for similar circumstances because oh god my pits hurt like a mofo.

Edit: I spoke to a staff member at Lush about this and she noted that it was likely shaving that caused the irritation, and that you shouldn’t apply their deodorants straight after shaving as it can lead to irritation and sometimes a little stinging sensation)

The only other effect of note is that when the Greeench starts to wear off/reached its absorption capacity, it leaves a little bit of an odd smell- not the same as my natural body odor and not necessarily offensive, but definitely not as nullifying as other antiperspirants available in mainstream supermarkets and chemists.

I want to try the deodorant bars Lush has on offer next, Aromaco (a lovely moisturising patchouli scented bar) and T’eo (a fresh burst of citrus to the senses) but not their other available deodorant powder The Guv’ner– the scent isn’t at all appealing to me, it’s  both too strong for my delicate senses and very much too masculine for my personal tastes.

TLDR; the Greeench is a pretty decent offering from Lush as an alternative to mainstream deodorants if you don’t mind the occaisional powder mark on your clothing.



Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

It’s always great when there happens to be a sale on cosmetics when I can actually afford them! I was super happy that Priceline‘s 2 day 40% off cosmetics sale was happening around the time I’d found out that they stocked a decent selection of Nyx Cosmetics- and at reasonable prices pre-sale too.

As any Aussie makeup hoarder/addict/obssessee is aware, it’s always a real challenge to find decent quality makeup at a lower price in Australia- most of the time it’s either so cheap it’s next to junk, or it’s too expensive to justify any kind of regular purchases. Stores like Sephora and Mecca Maxima are making brands like Urban Decay and Kat von D more accessible to Australian buyers, but with the surcharges added by the stores to make up for shipping and taxes, it’s easy for costs to spiral out of control.

The main spending splurge for me ended up being on three sets of Nyx’s Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks (pre sale:AU$24/sale price:AU$14.40 per pack or single price:AU$8.97/AU$14.95) each pack contained three full sized products and there were three different sets to choose from;

20170329_095347.jpgSet 1

20170329_095837.jpgSet 2

20170329_100344-e1490773332232.jpgSet 3

  • The lip creams all have a decent colour payoff- the only exception being oh, put it on, which needed a second coat to get a really solid deep purple, but looked good with a single coat (if a bit more patchy).
  • Application is super easy with the doe foot applicator, and the product is a good consistency without being super sticky
  • The product dries reasonably fast, but not completely. it also isn’t transfer proof, but is pretty long lasting despite that, even through light food and drink.
  • I did notice on a few occasions that some crumbly bits developed through the day, but didn’t seem to affect overall lip cover (a happy side effect of the product not fully drying i suppose) .
  • I’d recommend moisturizing your lips pre-application, as when they’re a bit dry, it can lead to some pretty bad butthole lip :/

Overall the Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick is a pretty decent product, especially for it’s price. I really want to test it against similar products from other brands in the future to see how it holds up, but honestly unless Colorpop comes to Australia, I’m not sure we’ll find another matte liquid lipstick that is both decent quality and at ‘drugstore’ prices.

Personal Favourites: Soft-Spoken for an everyday nude, Sway for something a little bit funky 🙂